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Acceptance of the ICCCI 2014
5nd International Conference On Computer and Computational Intelligence (ICCCI 2014), Paris, France, December 6-7, 2014
This paper will be published in Journal of Machine Learning and Computing (IJMLC, ISSN: 2010-3700) as one volume
Paper Id: W029

Acceptance of the ICCSIT 2014
Organizing IISRO Multi Conferences, Kaula Lampur, Malaysia, Feb 19-20, 2014
International Conference on Computer Science & Information Technology, ICCNIT, Malaysia, 2014
Paper Id: ICCSIT-2014-787

Acceptance of the ICMS 2014
2nd International Conference On Mathematical Sciences (ICMS 2014), Istanbul, Turkey, July 10-11, 2014
Paper Id: HN10100520011

Acceptance & Presentation of the CCSE 2014
2nd National Conference On Computer Sciences and Engineering (CCSE 2014),October 21-22, 2014 Islamic Azad University, Najafabad Branch
Paper Id: 1049

Proceedings of the submissions so far

Asia: Malaysia (Kuala Lampur)Turkey (Istanbul), Iran (Bam)

Europe: Spania, Germany, Bulgaria, France

Africa: Marrakech