I am ...

Date of Birth:

    • December 07,1977 (Iran's Student Day on the calendar)

Scientific category:

    • Masters Software Engineering

    • Lecturer & Researcher

    • Project Management

    • CompTIA Security+ certification

    • MikroTik Certified Network Associate

Specialized scientific fields:

Network Security, Cloud Computing, Data & Web Mining, Digital Graphic, WebPage Designer, Recommender Systems Analyser

Specialized software:

Adobe Photoshop, Mathworks Matlab, Rational Rose, Weka, RapidMiner, Cisco Packet Tracer, Video Studio, Visual Studio, Microsoft Office, MS Expression Web, CMS packages, VMware Workstation


While working for Company I developed and implemented group work, resulting in growth of over Amount. Strong organizational, technical and analytical skills. Computer software engineering who excels at analyzing, prioritizing and completing tasks in a professional manner. Over 15 years of IT experience. Recent graduate with impeccable research, time management and problem solving skills.